Another Great Blog

Another great blog about photography is:
It is a great blog for the outdoor loving sports man. The blog was created by a man called Patrick Latter the photos that he takes on his hiking trips are just amazing.

Home-school market day

I will be taking and selling photos at the home-school market day next week I’m so excited and a little nervous. The market day will be at Zambezi point, from 10:30 in the morning to 15:00 in the afternoon.

Wedding Photos

Hello guys

These are the photos of the first wedding that I photographed. My father and I were the dedicated photographers at my grandfather’s wedding. Enjoy and please like my Facebook page, feel free to comment.

The photos are on my Facebook page:


Cutting the cake


Good  news

I finally have a Facebook page for you guys to look at:

I wanted to make it /leonard2012 but Facebook wouldn’t let me. Tell me what you think guys and please like my page.

Crowned Plover


I thought I’d share this with you guys.

This is a photo of a beautiful crowned plover living in a park close to our house.

Crowned Plover

I have  more animal Photography here.

Check back often for more photos.

New Abstract Photos

Good after noon

As I said last night I will try and keep updating the blog regularly.

So here are some new abstract photos.

Road on the Wall


Hey guys

I have finally been able to get some time to update my blog. The reason I was so quiet was because I was busy with exams here, but I will try and keep the updates coming through out this school holiday, and through the next term.

Now as promised some new photos.

New people photos.

New animal photos.

New still life photos.

I also have a new plant photograph:

Monster Plant

Check back regularly guys I’ll try and keep the updates coming, and comment tell me what you think of the blog and the photos.

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